Thursday, January 18, 2018

Film Camera a Month - December

The last camera in my Film Camera a Month series! 
For December I used my plastic fantastic holga 135BC

I loaded it up with some Fuji Superia 800 X-TRA. The results were somewhat expected out of a camera with very limited settings and a plastic lens (plus the film was most likely past it's expiry!)  

Some of the shots were taken from our trip down to Port Macquarie after Christmas and others climbing Mt. Beerwah in the glasshouse mountains. I have a few more photos of Port Macquarie to share (once I have a moment to edit them) but for now, enjoy the few shots that were redeemable from the roll with some double and triple exposures thrown in for fun.

Also I'll admit it's a tad melancholic being the last post in the series.  In happier news, I've already loaded my OM1 up with film and still have some film shots waiting to be shared. I definitely intend to keep on taking film this year with the added bonus that now I have a better idea of which camera to use for what situation :) 

Thanks for following along everyone!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

bought/gift/made /12

A (super late!) Christmas edition of bought/gift/made today!

First up, some vegan vanilla slice I made for Christmas. You can find the recipe here but a word of warning, there's lots and lots of sugar in these! One square was definitely too much for me!

In the bought category, a hand printed handkerchief by Japanese artist Kacoca. I bought this for my morning walks because the sun always beats down harshly onto my neck, so far, a worthy purchase :)

A super lovely card in the mail for Christmas, from my blog pals, the cat you and us!

And a close up of the cute printed gulls. 

 On a side note, when I went to search for the link to the scarf, I typed 'hankerchief' into Google. I feel a little silly admitting but I honestly never knew it was 'HANDkerchief'

Am I alone here?! :p oops!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Goodbye Bathroom

Yesterday I shared my old room with you guys and today I wanted to share our old bathroom. Whenever someone would come over to our place, the house tour always ended with the bathroom and me saying something like "the best room in the house".

My buddy rojo Congo, who keeps thriving and thriving!

Despite some questionable colour choices, the size of the bathroom won me over! I realise this photo might not accurately show the size but I refrained from taking the opposite view as I thought I'd spare everyone a shot of the toilet :P

Stool game is still strong and that hairspray must have magical powers because every hairdresser at every bridal prep I've ever been to, always uses that brand - SCHWARZKOPF Silhouette :P 

The orchid (on the left) is called a moth orchid and loves it's upside down planter - a present I gifted to Ben but secretly wanted myself :p

Still loving the coffee body scrub, which I've mentioned over here

Japanese moss balls - never know if they are okay, have died or are just barely holding onto life?!?  

I was worried moving the orchid from a lovely humidity bathroom (with it's filtered light) to its current location in our new bedroom but it's still going great guns!

And my shhhowercap still proving to be a lovely investment :) :)

Our new bathroom unfortunately receives little to no natural light which has meant our plants have migrated to that kitchen.  At first I was sad about that prospect but now the kitchen (where I spent a lot of time) is an even happier place. I guess plants just make everything happier!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Goodbye Room

As we were moving I thought it would be nice to document my room and another favourite room of the house, our huge bathroom. Today, I'm going to share you my room :) In our old place, Ben and I each had our own space and then one shared bedroom - perfect for us with our many art projects going on. 

Ben did point out, I cheated a bit with these photos (my room was never this clean) but hopefully they can serve as reminded not to keep my spaces clutter and to keep on my minimalist journey :)

I'll completely confess to being a motivational quote lover!

Ben graciously let me have this room (with the most light) when we first moved in and although it got a tad hot in summer, it was lovely to take photos in!

The amazing Ariel embroidery from the cat you and us

My little ceramic figures, knick-knacks and instax

office tour - reusable totes

The ceramic mermaid was a souvenir from America bought at Santa Monica pier. I'm amazed it's still in once piece, being almost 20 years old! 

Fliqo screen saver for the win!

A huge tiger backpack that Ben gifted me for my 30th

office tour - curious George umbrella
A Curious George umbrella I got in Japan.  
My favourite feature - red flashing lights around the edges for safety!

Snake plant which has acquired a new baby limb since moving :)

Inside the wardrobe

office tour - camera collection
The cameras I used for my Film Camera a Month series last year. 

 You can also see my African Violet, sitting on top, without any flowers (but not for long!).

Pinky Toast artwork gifted from Ben.  

The drawing on the right (apologies for the blur!) was a self portrait from Design Fest in Japan.  Unfortunately I don't know the artist, except that she signed the piece by her name Yumi.

I'll be sharing some photos of our old bathroom, tomorrow on the blog. I never thought having a huge bathroom would be amazing until I discovered it was :P

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Year of Blooms

I bawled my eyes out at the end of Loving Vincent, a film about Vincent van Gogh but before the tears I had an epiphany of sorts - that I'm meant to be planting flowers and lots of them. So this year, I'm doing a project called, year of blooms. I have a rough idea in my head but I'm letting the project be open to change with a simple guideline to have more flowers in the world! This project has already seen hopeful synchronicity. The first flower I picked to plant was sunflowers and as I'm typing this, realising it's the bloom that started the project (thanks Vincent!) though originally picked because it's the right time (I hope!) and I was gifted sunflower seeds (from Ben's brother's wife) after I mentioned how lovely her garden and the sunflowers growing in it, were.

In November, Ben and I visited a cafe where I spent far too long admiring their plant wall. I took photos to remember the plants to seek some out for myself. I pointed to one plant with pretty flowers and asked Ben if he knew what it was, he did, a plant we had been gifted by Ben's Mum years ago but had never bloomed. Three weeks later I let out a little gasp - tiny white flowers sprung forth from the pot – the loveliest omen!

My african violet, despite it's abundance blooms (when gifted to me from Dad) lived the rest of the time, with pretty leaves. You might also guess where this is headed, below is a photo from a couple of weeks ago....

We moved into our new place, flattening out a path from the top house to below and at the end of the path, an overgrown flower bed with two rose bushes amongst the weeds. I've been rose obsessed for too many years but I only just planted my first rose last year. In 2012 we took a trip to Tasmania and visited a hedge maze. As we walked through the maze, hand-painted signs with quotes on them were scattered on the paths. I'm terrible at remembering quotes but I always remember the sentiment of this one, even if in delivery I muddled a few words. It's been an important philosophy to contemplate, especially with renting - the idea of waiting for the perfect time, but how you spend your days, becomes how you spend your life, right? It's definitely time to plant those roses.

Ben's Mum gifted me with this book for Christmas and (below) a desert rose with many seed pods ready to sprout.

I'm going to check back in every month and keep you updated on the project. I need to build a new garden bed for my sunflowers and I'm also going to sprinkle a packet of wildflowers seeds Ben bought. I explained my vague project to our garden friend Lowy and the first thing that came to mind for him was Masanobu Fukuoka and his earth balls. I want to plant seeds at home but the majority of the project will be guerilla gardening with the idea to spread as much beauty as I can :) :) January will keep me busy, sourcing materials and writing lists and starting the growing process! If you have any input or ideas, I'd love to hear them too :) :)