Friday, December 15, 2017

Melbourne - iphone

Because I was shooting a wedding, I made sure to leave my digital camera gear at home when I went out exploring (just for extra peace of mind) which meant lots of film photos (still to come!) and that my phone got a good work out. A fun thing I'll always remember about this trip was being in the plane, moments before take off, awaiting some pretty big news. The girl in front of me had her ear pressed against her phone listening to the announcement on her screen before the air hostess came upon the loud speaker to tell us that the marriage equality vote had passed in Australia - lots of cheering! In the vote, Melbourne had the highest support for marriage equality and thus on my walks I saw lots and lots of stickers and placards, banners and posters scattered in shop windows and on people yards - it was amazing! 

I also grew my rose obsession on this trip and nearly died seeing all the lovely front gardens, where it seemed, every third house grew roses *gasp*

Someone please sponsor me to do a 'roses of Melbourne' coffee book :p

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Melbourne 2017

The other month I went down to Melbourne to shoot this wedding and stayed at a lovely Airbnb, home of a florist and subsequently filled with plants and flowers (and lovely books). One book I read from cover and cover was 'note to self' by Connor Franta. The book is filled with stories and poems and photos and reminded me how much I enjoy writing little poems myself. I ended up filling my notebook with a poem a day and I'm going to scatter them through this post for you guys :)

I had to travel 
to get lost
to know I
wanted to be


it takes a few turns to
find my true north
I adjust my backpack
and sling
my film camera
over my shoulder
peering down alleyways.
I've drawn myself 
a map creased in
my pocket and
as I dart across
to the shaded
side I ignore
my sore feet and
imagine all the wonder
waiting for me.

There's a fake flower
on the table
a dead rose
upon the fridge
a coffee book
glossed with petals

and within the glass
cabinet, a tiny bottle 
entrusted with rose mist.

my stomach holds
a tiny whirlwind
inside and my

hidden hands
shake inside
my pockets.

you can ask

yourself to be brave
and only hope
in return, you'll